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Our platform
Sociaddict provides all the necessary tools to pilot your influence at its best and make it stand out to brands and agencies looking for particular influencers.
  • Your Media Kit
    to increase your exposure

    With close to 10 years of experience as a leading influence Agency, we know exactly how to best emphasize your profile towards brands.
    On Sociaddict you’ll find your media kit: relevant, synthetic and always up to date thanks to the automatic connection with your different social networks.

  • Our Best Match
    to avoid brand spams

    Because we know your time is precious and that brand relevance is the n°1 criteria for all your collaborations, we’ve created Best Match™, a technical solution that analyses your profile in order to only suggest campaigns that are bound to interest you.

  • Our Campaign Tools
    to stop wasting your time

    To smooth your relations with brands, the Sociaddict platform regroups all your exchanges. Brief, mission, logistics, you’ll find all the information for your campaigns in your personal space.

Your influence
  • Pricing
    In order to monetize your influence in the best way possible, we've created a pricing algorithm that will set your publications' best price, depending on quantitative, as well as qualitative criteria.
  • Labels
    Beyond the numbers, our goal is to enhance your world, your environment, your artistic direction... That is why we've created qualitative labels that our jury assign to each profile.
  • Stats
    We bring together, on Sociaddict, the key stats from all your social networks.
Not influencers: social talents
Since its beginning, our network is labeled by its member's diversity: VIPs, artists, journalists, models, new talents, trendsetters, bloggers, content creators... Their common factor? A strong digital presence and creative mind.
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